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Election Results, Coffee, Palladia, NFL Picks Week 10

Appropo of nothing: I had Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for the first time this week, and it really is pretty good. I barely like coffee, but I like theirs better than hella bitter Starbucks anyday. In the way I was hoping, we relived the election of 2004 with a role reversal in incumbent-challenger parties, so now […]

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Election Night 2012

I put in the vote for my preferred candidate this morning — along with all the other uncontested Democrats lower on my district’s ticket — so in just a few hours it’s time to sit down, pound some chips, and get my Electoral College / Twitter watch on. Before that, I will be lifting like […]

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Server Geography, Election, NFL Week 9 Picks

I saw that Gawker’s sites, hosted by Datagram, are still on their Tumblr backup servers a full five days after the Sandy disaster first hit. I’m puzzled why any high-traffic site would use a hosting facility in NYC in the first place – aside from the flooding potential that was all too real this week, […]

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