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Liking The Enviro-Debt Swap

As much as it’s feasible in light of the enormous deficits on the horizon, this is a cool idea: U.S. to Forgive Indonesian Debt in Exchange for Conservation Plan, Wall Street Journal The more forest that’s protected to suck in CO2, the better, and obviously a poor nation’s government benefits when the debt evaporates.

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Pittsburgh: Air Pollution Without the Benefits?

I just saw this today: Pittsburgh beats Los Angeles as sootiest city A professor in the article points out that it’s Ohio’s fault, as power-plant emissions drift across the state line. How did this happen when we don’t even have the factories anymore? If Pittsburgh kids have to have asthma, at least we could get […]

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Chipmunk: Underappreciated. Squirrel: Overexposed.

Squirrels run all over the place down here in DC. Meanwhile, chipmunks only live near wooded areas, knowing better than to overdo it in this media-heavy city. SQUIRRELS AREN’T COOL Squirrels are basically just bushy-tailed rats. Where do you see them in urban areas? Nine times out of ten, they’re playing in the garbage can, […]

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Animal Royal Rumble

Be sure you watch the whole thing. Buffalo = awesome.

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