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Sea Lion Greatness

I’ll just post this, which I love:

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Of Bacon, and the Ocean Equivalent of Bacon

My friend Bill sent me a link to, which I now know as the Internet’s finest source of bacon information. (Seriously, that is a professional-looking site, particularly for one devoted solely to bacon. Nice job by 500 Yards Media, whoever they are.) The specific link he sent was this page on bacon cinnamon rolls, […]

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Squid Blog

The colossal squid in New Zealand is being defrosted and studied right now, and the lab set up a blog: While this squid is most fascinating, I can’t help but agree with this BBC dude that the catching of really weird deep-sea animals is a bad sign: it means fisherman are going further and […]

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Tuna – Too Good

The Washington Post ran this thought-provoking article about the dearth of bluefin tuna in the sea. I’m not cool with that, because tuna is awesome. As much as I love tuna sushi, I’ll think twice about ordering it now. I like my oceans healthy and full of awesome fish, so the whales have somebody to […]

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