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The Stack Up: Unemployment Stories, Android Fitness Apps, 50-Year-Old Hotness and More

The most gripping stories I’ve read about being unemployed during the recession came from reader submissions to Gawker, of all places: Hello from the Underclass: Unemployment Stories (and Vol II) The compilation managed to touch on people from multiple classes, educational statuses and lengths of time out of work, showing that it’s not something as […]

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Probably Thinking Too Deeply About Treadmills

I enjoy going to the gym and keeping in shape, but I’m slightly creeped out by the treadmill space at LPAC: 80 individual aerobic lives lived solely through one-way screens of digital distraction, with the only sound a belt-driven wail of angst sputtering constantly forth from the gray implements of mechanized human exertion. It’s a […]

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Nice Try, But Donuts As Bread Still Works Better

I wish I could say I’m shocked by the idea of two chicken patties as bread, but I’m really not: KFC tests out new bunless burger to rave reviews in America’s heartland, Vancouver Sun, Aug. 25 My favorite part is how the Canadian paper made sure to get “America” into the headline as an ever-so-subtle […]

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The Weightlifter Walk

When I finish lifting for the day, I always find that I walk around afterwards with my chest out, my shoulders back and my arms hanging down about six inches from my side in this light-on-my-feet stance. This is unconscious, and I’m not even that swoll at the moment. I look around and every other […]

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