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Your Best-Ever Buffalo Wings Recipe – Straight Out the Oven

Website readaz: make these for the Super Bowl, or hey, for pretty much every meal. Using the oven results in a more evenly and thoroughly cooked wing — underdone chicken wings are truly disgusting — and also results in wings that taste more like seasoning and less like fryer oil. Can you dig it? CAN […]

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Travel and Gamification, NFL 2013, Tacos

August 2013 was the second time in three months that I left a blank monthly archive. Two out of three ain’t bad, unless it’s a non-updated website. I’ve been traveling a lot this year for work. This isn’t always fun, but it has been a tremendous insight into the idea of gamification. I never knew […]

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Te’o Media Fail, Barbusse’s Under Fire, Subway Footlong, AFC and NFC Championship Picks

I’d like to concur with SBNation’s list of failingly lazy media outlets in the whole Manti Te’o fake-dead-girlfriend scandal: The following is a list of organizations and people who, to varying degrees of incompletion, never bothered to check to see if Manti Te’o’s girlfriend was real. 1. Us. 2. You (Jack Dickey and Timothy Burke […]

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‘Cats Gator Bowl Win, Potato Salad, NFL Wild Card Playoff Picks

No choice but to put that image up there. I was so shocked that Northwestern won a bowl game after 64 years that I didn’t even know how to celebrate, so I tweeted some stuff, had a beer, and that was that. Thursday at lunch time there was a bowl of potato salad sitting in […]

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The One Swear Word That Still Shocks Me, NFL Week 13 Picks, Yahoo! Fantasy Outage, Mobile Quotability

I can’t stop eating pomegranate seeds lately. Beautiful AND delicious – like a haggis. I’ve clearly been desensitized to foul language in my day, because the only word that still genuinely shocks me is “c—“. (Not the one that rhymes with “rock”.) I can barely even type the dashes without recoiling. This must be because […]

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Dog Hates Cat, Demand Media Accounting, Proper Vegetable Cooking, NFL Picks Week 3

We’ve had the dog for more than a year and they still hate each other. Chill out, bros. I was talking infamous content farm Demand Media with a coworker the other day and we got onto their accounting fiasco. It seems they faced some deserved scrutiny for their financial practices: Instead of tracking the cost […]

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The Best Word in the English Language, Stop Saying “Broads”, Flipboard News, Awesome Couscous

The Blue Angels flew right over the house during the Air & Water Show, giving me the chance to get this photo using only my smartphone. Those F-18s are the serious loudness. Much verbiage has been spent discussing the worst words in the English language (the worst is pustule, btw), but there isn’t enough discussion […]

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St. Patrick’s Day: Chow Down on Irish Food

Cross-posted at This Is How I Eat St. Patrick’s Day approaches, trailing paper shamrocks, green-bedecked bagpipers and sloshed pre-yuppy kids in its wake. Our American observance of St. Patrick’s Day moves further every year towards a celebration solely of getting wasted in green T-shirts, leading most Americans to believe Ireland’s sole contributions to global haute […]

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A Digital-Era Thanksgiving

8:45 a.m.: Awake to my smartphone’s hella annoying alarm ring. Stare at it cockeyed and fumble with it until I manage to drag the screen to “Snooze”. 9:28 a.m.: Roll out of bed. Stub my toe. 9:43 a.m.: Do my toothbrushing-facewashing thing while I check the BBC News Android app for news of the world […]

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The best part of a bag of pistachios is picking out the ones that have already fallen out of the shell. This is striking gold for lazy snackers like me. Also, the shells remind me of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. (I really got nothin’ these days.)

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