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Grub Discoveries in Kansas City

Kansas City has yielded two new favorite food items: Burnt ends: Apparently a localized barbecue delicacy, burnt ends are the most delicious form of barbecue I’ve eaten yet. They’re the ends of the brisket that collect all the smoke, fat and salt into chopped, charred cubes of edible beauty, mixed with a little barbecue sauce […]

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Best Indian-Cooking Website Ever

My new favorite cooking site is Manjula’s Kitchen, which from a digital professional’s point of view is ideally organized and contains all the content you could want for Indian cooking info. But I like it even better for the videos, which are clearly just Manjula’s husband taping her in her kitchen and forgetting to edit […]

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Mmm … Mechanical Separation

As the web’s foremost self-appointed authority on chicken nuggets (healthy or otherwise), I had to repost this picture from Early Onset of Night (h/t

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Wacky Chain-Restaurant Sandwiches at Home

It’s about time Americans started eating at home more and dining out less. This video from my old Slate V buds is a great start. (Is it weird that the footlong burger looks pretty awesome to me? “You can really taste the length.”)

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Reminds Me of Back Home

Tonight for dinner, I had kielbasa and sauerkraut. It was delicious, but sadly, I was out of pierogies. A few days ago, a friend asked, “What’s that called when you have an area that’s contaminated with hazardous waste and there’s some federal money to clean it up?” and I instantaneously chimed in with “Superfund“. You […]

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Nice Try, But Donuts As Bread Still Works Better

I wish I could say I’m shocked by the idea of two chicken patties as bread, but I’m really not: KFC tests out new bunless burger to rave reviews in America’s heartland, Vancouver Sun, Aug. 25 My favorite part is how the Canadian paper made sure to get “America” into the headline as an ever-so-subtle […]

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Healthy Chicken Nuggets: The Recipe

It’s a proven fact that I am a fiend for chicken nuggets. Chicken strips are also just as awesome. Put some chicken into a hand-friendly format, get rid of the bones to save me the hassle, coat it in breading of some sort and I am right up in it with a bottle of hot […]

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Grape Nuts: Awesome

As a kid, the only person I knew who ate Grape Nuts was my grandpa. Looking up at the white box on the top of his fridge, I always wondered what the hell a Grape Nut was, and to this day I still don’t really know. But I will say that they make an excellent […]

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Done With Finals; Time For The News

Though I was busy finishing up Winter A for the past week, it doesn’t mean I haven’t kept up with the world. (Sage RSS sidebar = a favorite of mine.) So here’s a burst of opinion: My newest senator Roland Burris grows more as an embarrassment each day, but what’s even more embarrassing is the […]

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Making Me Miss DC

I do miss the cheese fries and cherry milkshakes. And G and I sat at that same table the last time we ate at Ben’s. It seems this is a month old, but it’s all good.

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