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NFL Picks: Week 13

After a few weeks of laziness in not posting my picks, some good results put me at 90-81 on the season (not counting pushes). Let’s hope I stay afloat for the last quarter of the games: At Philadelphia -8 Houston At Minnesota -6 Buffalo At Miami -4.5 Cleveland At Tennessee 0 Jacksonville At Kansas City […]

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NFL Picks: Week 10

Last week: 10-2-1, enough to win me $85 as the TIME Magazine Pick’ Em League’s weekly winner. Yahoo! tells me I’m 67-58 on the season, excluding pushes, which is 53.6% correct for the season against the spread – back up above the predicted outcome. Who got the skillz? In its ongoing drive to capture every […]

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NFL Picks: Week 9

Last week: 9-4, making me 56-57-5 on the season. Now I’m up to 49.6% correct – what what. Hey, how about that: a winning week at last. I tied for the lead in my league, but apparently lost on one of the tiebreakers, because I did not get the desired green highlight from Yahoo! for […]

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NFL Picks: Week 8

Last week: 6-8, making me 47-53-5 on the season. That’s 47% correct against the spread for the season. I don’t think I’ll be taking over the gambling prognostication world anytime soon. A little late getting these up today, but I did get the Yahoo! picks in on time. There are only 13 games this week, […]

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NFL Picks: Week 7

Last week: 7 correct, 7 incorrect, and one push: yet another 50% week. For the season, I’m now at 41-45-5, 47.67% correct. This would seem to be pretty bad, yet I’m fourth in my league of 18 people — those oddsmaker types know what they’re doing. Meanwhile, I’m also only one win behind Eric Allen […]

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NFL Picks: Week 6, Plus Roethlisberger’s Return

Last week: 7 of 14 correct, an improvement over the dreadful Week 4, but still a totally unexciting 50% correct. For the season, I’m now at 34-38-4, 47.2% correct. Considering I’m in pretty bad shape with my pseudo-stats-based picking methods, it’s time to go back to the more fun “screw it, it makes sense at […]

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NFL Picks: Week 5

Ouch. Last week was hella ugly: only four of 14 correct against the spread, which brought my season ATS record to a literally sub-par 27-31-4. Steelers lose, my 11 Points streak ends, and I was at the bottom of my Pick ‘Em league. That said, a sample isn’t statistically significant until you have an N […]

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NFL Picks: Week 4

Last week: 8 out of 16 correct against the spread, which is also the probabilistic outcome of 16 binary events and makes that result thoroughly unexciting. And on that note, this week I tried to get statistical up in this: I used a combination of factors, including Brian Burke’s formulas from the NY Times Fifth […]

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NFL Picks, Week 3

First week, I did pretty well. Last week, I got completely hosed. I therefore stand at 15-13-4 against the spread and am settled back in the land of statistical averages. And for the third week in a row, I’m in line for one of the 11 Points audience picks. While I took Detroit against the […]

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NFL Picks: Week 2

11 Points readaz: we love you. Anyway, on to the picks. Week 2 is a tough one, thanks to Week 1 losers’ need to make a crazy statement that either hits hard or leads them to fall flat on their faces. But considering I have skillz and won my Pro Football Pick ‘Em league’s first […]

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