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President Barack Obama … Unbelievable

… and by a huge victory, at that. People are chanting “Obama! Obama!”, honking their horns, pounding drums and clapping in unison outside my window in Ann Arbor tonight, and it’s 2:40 a.m. This is louder than any Michigan game and is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Even when I discount partisanship, the tone feels […]

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The Endorsement

My old compatriots at Slate did their incredibly lopsided list last week of which staffer is voting for whom. Since I used to work there, I figured I might as well pile on. Because it’s late, I’m tired from the immense amount of work being dumped on my head — never listen to someone who […]

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Pointing Out David Addington

John Yoo got the bulk of the negative publicity for his torture memo, but I’ve read many times that David Addington has been the real advocate for scrapping the rule of law in the Bush Administration. This Bob Herbert column on Addington makes that point better than I can.

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Gay Marriage and the 2008 Campaign

I didn’t think this one would be back again as a campaign issue, but it seems that it will be. There are a few differences this time around. First, if campaigning were a video game, the G.O.P. already used the one-time, battleground-state-gay-marriage-ballot supermove to defeat the 2004 Democrats, leaving them without the ability to use […]

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“Moral Vacuum”

This column was deeply unsettling and thought-provoking: The Age of Irresponsibility For a President who believes so deeply in good, evil and the need for justice, why does he think a situation with no consequences isn’t going to bring out the worst in people? And for those who argue that counterinsurgencies—from the American West to […]

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Understanding the logistical impossibility of maintaining the troop surge, and disregarding whether or not you really believe that the past few months’ effort has worked, I can’t quite wrap my head around this one. When you say spend months arguing that a certain strategy will work, then you believe that the strategy does indeed work, […]

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They Seem Made Up, And Yet They Aren’t

As my friend Steve put it, “these sound a lot like people doing imitations of him”: The 50 Dumbest Things … I’m particularly fond of Nos. 50, 44, 39, 35, 26 and 14-13.

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Why Do Special Olympic Athletes Hate America?

Today’s testimony from the outgoing Surgeon General is probably the best one yet in the never-ending parade of scientists who don’t like the current government. Not only did your man Dr. Carmona (dude has one hell of a c.v., btw) testify that administration officials suppressed his reports on stem cells, contraception, global health and secondhand […]

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Libby: G. Gordon or Scooter, They’re All Criminal To Me

I guess I’m supposed to be mad at the commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence, but normally you have to be taken aback by something to be angry, and this is probably the most predictable presidential action since the last bad decision Bush made. (Choose your own; there’s no shortage.) But the point is, it was […]

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Hung, Then Tried, Then Shot?

I agree wholeheartedly with this guy: Rage Against the Dixie Chicks

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