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United Economy Plus, Seat Reclining, Cloud Storage, Spotify vs. Google Play Music

Steelers were robbed. You can’t say that without admitting that they were a terrible playoff team this season, but still: robbed. I flew back to Chicago a few weeks ago in what was nominally a United Economy Plus seat, but it was exactly the same dimensions as a regular seat. According to the flight attendant, […]

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Matte Cars, Google Now, Penguins-Bruins

I got that Q5 on dubs. OE dubs, but still: dubs. There’s a Maserati owner near me who keeps driving his ride down the street when I walk my dog in the morning. This is mostly notable because his car is painted matte black. I don’t know why peeps do this – when you go […]

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Scandalous Internet Pics Won’t Ruin Your Life, But Don’t Take Them Anyway, NFL Picks Week 15

What’s that called when bricks are all roughed-up more than usual? You know, when they’re not smooth like the outside of a house, but jagged and rough instead. Whatever it’s called, I scratched my hand on a wall like that yesterday, and it sucked, so I need a name for this decorative style that I […]

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iPad Demo Vid

For those who haven’t watched this one yet: While smart from a marketing and strategy perspective, Apple’s first-to-market launches always lead to a lot of bugs, so I await the list of flaws when people really start to buy this thing. (Yes, I’m still angry about my iPod dying exactly one month after the warranty […]

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The Atlantic Gets SEO-Ganked by The Huffington Post: A Breakdown

Last week I was reading some online commentary about a piece by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, this one about Goldman Sachs. I first read Taibbi in Spanking the Donkey, and I usually like the dude’s cynical, New-Journalism-style writing, even when it’s a bit sensational. The Goldman Sachs thing — at least the parts I […]

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Google Chrome: The Quick Judgment

I downloaded and installed Google Chrome Beta today. So far it mostly looks good — I’m liking that Slate rendered perfectly, hell yeah, thank you — but there isn’t much special in terms of functionality. But then Google always gets things really rolling a little while after release, so I look forward to using it […]

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