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The Greatest (And First) Mustache I Have Ever Grown

Here’s the end result of my Rosstache efforts. I drew inspiration from my forebears in South Charleston, Ohio: Thanks to everyone who donated to the Penrickton Center — the event was a hit, even with masses of hideous facial hair like this beauty floating around.

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Mustache for Charity

I’m right in the midst of Rosstache, the mustache-growing charity contest here at Ross, and I need your help. With my beard now at four weeks, I’m trying to plan out a final mustache strategy for the competition on April 1. Here’s your canvas: And if you want to help me out in my efforts […]

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State of the Summer

Yo all. It’s been a mostly post-free summer for this website, but life is good right now, so I’ve been living it instead of blogging it. It’s just a few short weeks now until I quit my job, go on a quick vacation and then move up to Ann Arbor for b-school. While going to […]

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My hair’s about at the stage where I need to cut it again. Fortunately I have my trusty $20 clippaz to get the job done. I was thinking the other day about just how much money these things have saved me. I started cutting my own hair about sophomore year of college and haven’t gone […]

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