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Congrats to Obama. So Now What?

Quick hits: Clinton might not have won, but she certainly gets to play kingmaker. She set the pattern for the fall: black people and people under 40 for the O-man, and everybody else for her. Once you add in the masses of lily-white crotchety Republicans and extrapolate that same pattern, it looks like Obama loses […]

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More From Slate: Political Ringtones

I’ll tout another piece of the site on which I recently worked, the new political ringtones we launched this week. We don’t yet have Verizon support–annoying for me since I have Verizon service–but anyone else can download these and annoy your friends with the Hillary laugh: It’s 3 a.m. What’s Your Ringtone?

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Hillary, Penguins, Romantic Comedies, Fruit, Moving

It’s been a while since something substantive. So here you go: Hillary’s defeat in Indiana and North Carolina is, as previously mentioned, a Pyrrhic victory for the Obama camp. I can’t predict if she’ll quit early–I personally think she won’t, and will ride it out to the convention’s bitter end–but it almost doesn’t matter. Things […]

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A Winner Is Clinton

Whiskey-drinking beat gutterball-bowling today in my home state’s leisure-activity primary, proving that the Canadian distilled-spirits industry packs an electoral punch that can’t be beat. I’m pretty surprised by the results in this Pennsylvania primary-results graphic from, in that I figured Hillary would probably win, but not by this much. She crushed Obama in all […]

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