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Hilarious German Dude, NFL Week 7

Crazy week at work, so I gotta keep it quick. I laughed way too many times at this not to include it. You can skip to 0:18 for the best part. I almost LOLd at my office just looking that up again. Be forewarned: I suck at this this year. Last week: 2-12 (!); Season: […]

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“Will You Accept This Collect Call from Islamabad?”

“Hi, USA? It’s your old buddy, Pakistan! “Osama bin Laden in our country? As if! Hmm, it’s really a mystery where he is … don’t you guys hate Iran? I mean he’s gotta be there, right? The guy’s an icon of religious tolerance; surely he could have overcome the centuries-old Sunni/Shi’a divide. “No, of course […]

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Patrick Stack vs. Google Image Search

Today I’ve been doing lots of Google image searching for work, so I was curious what would happen if I started in on myself. Predictive search has lots of fun effects: It’s Patrick Kane! Blackhawks star forward, Flyer-destroying scorer of the Cup-winning goal in last year’s finals, and town-rocker extraordinaire. I don’t know if I […]

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Haircut, Stretching, Ex Check

Stuff from this evening: Today I went to get a free touch-up on my haircut of several weeks back. After several years of the same haircut, I grew my hair out for three months, then went to a stylist a few weeks ago (I had a coupon) and told her to be creative and interesting […]

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And I Don’t Like That Alicia Keys / Jay-Z Song Either

From 2002-2005, this ran through my head countless times. Then I stayed for 3.5 years anyway. 8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live, The Onion

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Wacky Chain-Restaurant Sandwiches at Home

It’s about time Americans started eating at home more and dining out less. This video from my old Slate V buds is a great start. (Is it weird that the footlong burger looks pretty awesome to me? “You can really taste the length.”)

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The Greatest (And First) Mustache I Have Ever Grown

Here’s the end result of my Rosstache efforts. I drew inspiration from my forebears in South Charleston, Ohio: Thanks to everyone who donated to the Penrickton Center — the event was a hit, even with masses of hideous facial hair like this beauty floating around.

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Stephen Colbert on Our Chicago Congressional District

Stephen Colbert profiled the Illinois 5th Congressional District the other night, including an interview with our Congressional Representative here in the LP, Rep. Mike Quigley. The interview doesn’t seem to be online — if I find it, I’ll update this — but I did appreciate the props to the Wiener’s Circle. The Colbert Report Mon […]

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Ross Follies Time Crunch

With Follies 2010 coming up in a few weeks, I have mad video editing to do. In the meantime, here’s a quality Ross video from 2008:

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A Fascinating Take on Interviewing a Talentless Wonder

Hey, readaz. Ever since I was about ten years old and watching Comedy Central when it was still known as The Comedy Channel, I recognized that the comedian Gallagher’s routine was overly and detrimentally simplistic: he smashed things with a hammer, and people laughed at it. At that age I was waking up to the […]

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