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Swallowed by the Digital Sands

A week or so ago I looked at my own web-work inventory page for the first time in a while, and after clicking around, I was pretty deflated to learn that all but a tiny handful of my news specials are now 404s, magazine TOC redirects and “Method Not Allowed” errors. The server-side team […]

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Instagram and Foursquare: Together, They Kinda Make Sense Now

With last week’s release of Android Instagram — catalyst of mass monocle-dropping by iOS elitists — I’ve taken to Instagram in a way I never would have if I were still limited to homebound iPad pics of my dog and an empty beer glass. The app also made it easy for me to kickstart what […]

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Why I Have an Internet Career

If anybody can tell me of a better invention in human history than the ability to reach out into thin air and pull down any given portion of the cumulative knowledge of all humanity, I’d like to hear it.

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Sen. Durbin Responds to my SOPA Letter

Just got this SOPA-related response from Sen. Durbin’s office in my email, regarding my earlier email. Suffice it to say that this doesn’t go into any details about how “reasonable steps to cease doing business” is a can of worms big enough to fit, like, a really big number of worms, and it doesn’t sound […]

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Opposing SOPA and PIPA – If Anybody Read This Site in the First Place, I’d Black It Out

I love to see the Internet blackouts going on today in protest of SOPA and PIPA. The public needs to understand that this legislation could put the sites they use every day at risk of private-industry censorship without any due process. I wrote this email to one of my Senators, Dick Durbin, who’s currently still […]

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I Like the New Android WordPress App So Much That I Wrote a Pointless Post From It

It’s most user-friendly. Nice work, Raanan and crew.

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A Digital-Era Thanksgiving

8:45 a.m.: Awake to my smartphone’s hella annoying alarm ring. Stare at it cockeyed and fumble with it until I manage to drag the screen to “Snooze”. 9:28 a.m.: Roll out of bed. Stub my toe. 9:43 a.m.: Do my toothbrushing-facewashing thing while I check the BBC News Android app for news of the world […]

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NFL Sunday Ticket on the Go: The Review

For many fall Sundays now, I’ve trotted out the door in my Steeler gear to drain $3 Coors Lights with assorted bar-based bits of Steeler Nation. I have many fond memories of this from my 20s, but at age Lame, I’d rather just watch the game on my couch like the NFL-loving entitled American that […]

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In Praise of Spotify

When I was 18 and went off to Northwestern, I thought the newfound ability to centrally store, play and enlarge my music library through compressed MP3 files was the coolest thing ever. (Then-beloved Winamp also had those great skins: The purple theme and NU logo from Daniel’s Winamp Skins (still online since 1998!) went so […]

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Ten Years Later, Online

Like most Americans, I can instantly recall what I was doing, thinking and feeling on September 11, 2001. Within a year I was working for the national news media in a New York City still processing the attack, and the ongoing military response to that day has been at the center of my brother’s, brother-in-law’s […]

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