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The Week: Michael Jackson, Iran, Mark Sanford and Transformers

You heard it here first: Neverland is the new Graceland. Man, what a week for news. It’s been a while since we had such a contrast of the important (Iran) and the junk-ridden (Transformers 2 = 2nd highest grossing opening ever). My vote for biggest story: Considering that I live in the U.S., it has […]

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Obama Is Right on Iran

Morning, all. I was reading my Morning Coffee links today and clicked on this story at the WSJ: Republicans Press Obama on Iran It details some criticism of the President for not speaking out loudly enough in support of the protests, particularly by Lindsay Graham. Fortunately, for once I agree with George Will, who called […]

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Not the Time to Attack Iran

The U.S. government says attacks in Iraq are down 55 percent since last summer, thanks to the American surge and better cooperation with Iraqi police. (Although the fact that the surge is about to end is worrying.) The interesting and hopeful side note in the piece, which I’ve read in a few places, are the […]

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Abizaid: World Could Abide Nuclear Iran Assuming Iran actually is trying to get nuclear weapons, which is still an assumption, I agree particularly with his note about Iran not being suicidal. The Iranians also know that slipping a weapon to Hizballah would be so easily traced that they might as well just openly launch a […]

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I Got One For Ya

This morning I was on the subway thinking about the Korean War, just on the DL as usual, when it occurred to me that President Bush could learn a lesson from his professed exemplar, Harry S Truman. (No period after the S.) People in the Administration and the military have regularly accused Iran of aiding […]

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Which Britain?

Hey readaz. I went through a series of feelings on Iran’s catch and release of the British sailors in the Persian Gulf in the past month. At first, I wondered how Iran, which has displayed no shortage of savvy in taking advantage of its shifting regional reality, could be so unaware as to play directly […]

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