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The Stack Up: Unemployment Stories, Android Fitness Apps, 50-Year-Old Hotness and More

The most gripping stories I’ve read about being unemployed during the recession came from reader submissions to Gawker, of all places: Hello from the Underclass: Unemployment Stories (and Vol II) The compilation managed to touch on people from multiple classes, educational statuses and lengths of time out of work, showing that it’s not something as […]

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St. Patrick’s Day: Chow Down on Irish Food

Cross-posted at This Is How I Eat St. Patrick’s Day approaches, trailing paper shamrocks, green-bedecked bagpipers and sloshed pre-yuppy kids in its wake. Our American observance of St. Patrick’s Day moves further every year towards a celebration solely of getting wasted in green T-shirts, leading most Americans to believe Ireland’s sole contributions to global haute […]

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U2: One Tree Hill Live at Soldier Field

Here’s a vid I got at last night’s show. The audio quality’s pretty lacking, but it was cool hearing a song that they rarely play live.

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It Goes Without Saying

But may everyone have a meat-and-tea filled day honoring the nation that thought this up:

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I Come to Praise the Irish-Food Quarter-Aisle

Erin Go Bragh, dudes. It being St. Patrick’s Day — at least in one hour — I’d like all of you still living in NYC to take a moment at your local grocery establishment and appreciate the 1/4 of an aisle devoted to feeding the Irish immigrant masses, those still moving to New York after […]

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The Ireland / Middle East Parallel

Back from the Slate retreat at Mohonk House, readaz. It was a good time: lots of smart-writer conversation, lake swimming and board games. Why is it that every time someone proposes board or parlor games, I think, “This is mad lame,” only to end up having mad fun instead? At least this stereotype is enjoyable […]

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Ireland in 2007 : America in 1996-1998

Hey readaship. We’re all down for analogies. Sometimes they make you feel like some illness is on the horizon, like how G-Unit Dubs Bizzle is sadly similar to Alcibiades back in the Athens day, goading mugs into a poorly-planned military venture that then spins out of control. Other times though you watch some stuff and […]

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