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Why Countries Hate Being Occupied

Here’s a thoughtful piece that should be obvious but too often isn’t: just why it is that military occupation makes people angry, no matter how well-intentioned it may be. “Why They Hate Us: Lessons from Civil War Reconstruction”,, Nov. 23, 2009 Although as the first commenter pointed out, the question is when it’s worthwhile […]

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Why the Bush Team Pursues an Israeli Ceasefire

When I saw today that the Bush Administration is pushing for Israel to end its bloody air raids on Gaza, I thought immediately of amigo Tony’s analysis from two years ago, in which he said that Israel has depended on the U.S. to function as the “Don’t hold me back” friend that jumps in […]

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Obama’s Biggest Trip Gain: Quality Stock Footage for Fall

“Does this make me look West Wing?” The hot-spot, Central Command phase of Barack Obama’s foreign-policy tour is winding down, and so far he seems to have hit all the right political notes. Hooping it up was a particularly swift move, but even more fortunate was the fact that Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki came […]

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The Ireland / Middle East Parallel

Back from the Slate retreat at Mohonk House, readaz. It was a good time: lots of smart-writer conversation, lake swimming and board games. Why is it that every time someone proposes board or parlor games, I think, “This is mad lame,” only to end up having mad fun instead? At least this stereotype is enjoyable […]

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