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President Barack Obama … Unbelievable

… and by a huge victory, at that. People are chanting “Obama! Obama!”, honking their horns, pounding drums and clapping in unison outside my window in Ann Arbor tonight, and it’s 2:40 a.m. This is louder than any Michigan game and is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Even when I discount partisanship, the tone feels […]

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The Endorsement

My old compatriots at Slate did their incredibly lopsided list last week of which staffer is voting for whom. Since I used to work there, I figured I might as well pile on. Because it’s late, I’m tired from the immense amount of work being dumped on my head — never listen to someone who […]

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But Can He Win the Rust Belt?

This New Yorker article sent to me by The Wife is a really interesting look at the parts of Ohio that would seem like Obama country, but are still a bit shaky: The Hardest Vote It’d be nice to write off racial prejudice as no longer an issue, but the big fact is that it […]

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The Pat Take on the Debate

I, too, enjoyed the finery of verbal evasion and interpersonal sniping that was the inaugural 2008 U.S. presidential debate. Let’s rock some stuff: First off, name-dropping: some MBA section friends and I tried to watch the debate at a local A2 watering hole, only to have our peaceful watching interrupted by a hard-partying Michael Phelps […]

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Obama vs. McCain on the Media

I no longer work there, but that won’t stop me from plugging this nicely summarizing Slate piece by Tim Wu detailing the two presidential candidates’ positions on media ownership and net neutrality. Suffice it to say that I fall squarely within the Obama camp on the question of net neutrality: the Internet can no longer […]

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Baby Mama Political Drama

I will now declare this the craziest thing to happen in the 2008 election season. The decades-old fist bump gesture somehow being named as representative of Hizbollah was a close second, but that was more some misguided dude’s analysis and less an actual event. And I must add that I feel really bad for the […]

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New McCain Ad: “Love”

Maybe it’s a Pennsylvania thing, but I’ve started to see presidential campaign commercials back here in Pittsburgh. This one has a funny subtext: “John McCain was a war hero. But there was something even more important than that: John McCain was not a hippie.”

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Reading Recs

I recently read and enjoyed the following, so feel free to hook that up for yourself: This UK Daily Mail profile of John McCain’s first wife. I had always heard about his first marriage, but knew next to nothing about it. Definitely a sensationalist source, but an unflattering new look. An article on the prevalence […]

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Congrats to Obama. So Now What?

Quick hits: Clinton might not have won, but she certainly gets to play kingmaker. She set the pattern for the fall: black people and people under 40 for the O-man, and everybody else for her. Once you add in the masses of lily-white crotchety Republicans and extrapolate that same pattern, it looks like Obama loses […]

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Gay Marriage and the 2008 Campaign

I didn’t think this one would be back again as a campaign issue, but it seems that it will be. There are a few differences this time around. First, if campaigning were a video game, the G.O.P. already used the one-time, battleground-state-gay-marriage-ballot supermove to defeat the 2004 Democrats, leaving them without the ability to use […]

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