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The Obligatory New Year’s Post

Notable parts of 2009: Went to India Got an internship Hit two years of marriage Finally saw Jane’s Addiction in concert And the aims for 2010: Get an MBA Get a job Get at least minimal guitar skills Get the workout trend to continue in a good direction Get still more acquainted with Chicago Get […]

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Merry Christmas

I do miss December in New York. As much as the city often drove me up the wall, Christmastime was always a highlight. I hope everyone’s Christmas is full of good times and tasty treats. Since this is a holy day, in the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s adage that “Beer is living proof that God […]

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So Long, Slate; It’s Been Real

My time at Slate officially ended at the close of the workday Friday, so that’s the curtain on two-and-a-half years as a web developer for what I think is the best magazine on the web. It sounds embellished, but before I left TIME I used to routinely tell the editors that the site should work […]

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State of the Summer

Yo all. It’s been a mostly post-free summer for this website, but life is good right now, so I’ve been living it instead of blogging it. It’s just a few short weeks now until I quit my job, go on a quick vacation and then move up to Ann Arbor for b-school. While going to […]

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Esquire’s 75 Things To Do

My new copy of Esquire arrived today, featuring a list of 75 things every man should do by Tom Chiarella. (Sadly there’s no online link yet.) This is a sequel, the previous list being 75 skills every man should master. I notice this month’s version got a big fold-out ad placement from Patron, and on […]

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