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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-05

The Jihadist Next Door – homegrown terrorists # Excess Reigns at Super Bowl and That’s No Ballyhoo – # Liking the promotion of nuclear power – Homer Simpson approves – # Powered by Twitter Tools

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-29

RT via @The_AV_Club – Fun look at fake computer screens from movies # RT @The_AV_Club – A fun look at fake computer screens from movies # SOTU's a wrap; time for Great Lakes beer and Fallout 3. # Here's NY Times link to GOP rebuttal, which I pieced together by a "View Source" when […]

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New Look, New Code

Got the new design mostly up, though it still needs some work. I consider it a Christmas present to myself.

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Time Again to Redesign

Hey readaz. So as happens most years, I’ve gotten a little tired of the current design of my site, and I’m planning to redo it sometime soon when I can find the time. (Basically February 2019 or so.) This time I’m looking for some input into it, so I’m asking for some links to quality […]

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Colorful, Yet Succinct

To save time and update more often while I’m in India, you can probably see that I’m repping the Twitter feed in the right sidebar of the page. Check it out here as well.

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If you want to read my b-school section newsletter bio, I just added it to my bio page. Read up if you’re down.

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Chalk Another One

Hey, it’s 2009. Can you dig it?

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Off to Ann Arbor. See yinz soon!

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On The Way …

… in spectacular fashion.

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Gay Marriage and the 2008 Campaign

I didn’t think this one would be back again as a campaign issue, but it seems that it will be. There are a few differences this time around. First, if campaigning were a video game, the G.O.P. already used the one-time, battleground-state-gay-marriage-ballot supermove to defeat the 2004 Democrats, leaving them without the ability to use […]

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