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Late Publishing, Pirates, Belgian Beer

For the first time in more than six years running this iteration of my website, I have a barren monthly archive. (See history menu on the left side of a single-post page.) Sorry, June 2013. I only made July because I thought, “Hey, it’s the end of July and I’d be going two months without […]

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Romney and Earth, NFL Time, Media Takedowns, Foot Injury

I watched Romney’s speech at the GOP Convention, which I thought was way bland — was he shooting for the voters who buy Franklin Mint plates? — until he got to his laugh line about Obama caring about rising seas, which the crowd thought was hilarious. Nothing says humor like the drowned homes of billions. […]

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Stack Up: Paul Ryan as YoPAPP, Hermione the Yinzer, MapMyRun, NFL Previews

Paul Ryan’s not just the GOP VP candidate, he’s the most prominent successful example of the young professional ambitious political person, or YoPAPP. I started running into YoPAPPs at Northwestern, met a crap-ton in D.C., and then even knew a few here and there at Michigan. They come in all ethnicities, genders and a somewhat […]

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NFL Sunday Ticket on the Go: The Review

For many fall Sundays now, I’ve trotted out the door in my Steeler gear to drain $3 Coors Lights with assorted bar-based bits of Steeler Nation. I have many fond memories of this from my 20s, but at age Lame, I’d rather just watch the game on my couch like the NFL-loving entitled American that […]

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Ah, Crap.

Shoulda had it – tough end to a roller-coaster season, but there’s always next fall. In the meantime, back to full-time hockey fandom.

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The Logo Worked Last Game

Here’s to number 7, Clay Matthews be damned. Steelers 17, Packers 10. OH YEAH.

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All There Is To Say Today

Steelers 21, Jets 17. (And Packers 24, Bears 23.)

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NFL Picks: Week 6, Plus Roethlisberger’s Return

Last week: 7 of 14 correct, an improvement over the dreadful Week 4, but still a totally unexciting 50% correct. For the season, I’m now at 34-38-4, 47.2% correct. Considering I’m in pretty bad shape with my pseudo-stats-based picking methods, it’s time to go back to the more fun “screw it, it makes sense at […]

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Ah Well

I declared it over prematurely a few weeks ago, but in the end I was right anyway. This post-Super Bowl = no playoffs pattern is a pretty bizarre one, but this is officially the third time the Steelers have pulled it off. (See also 2006 and 1980.) The team felt out of Pittsburgh-style balance a […]

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The Playoff Berth That Could Still Happen

While slight, there’s still a shot for the playoffs. It’s pretty pathetic that the Super Bowl champs are one of those “Denver has to lose, then New York has to lose, and maybe Houston or Baltimore … and THEN we might get in” teams, yet that’s where we are. A dude can hope. I’m obviously […]

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