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Slate is Anti-Lawn-Chairs-in-Parking-Spaces; I Am Not

I posted this comment to the anti-“dibs” article on Slate, but I am pro-dibs enough that I will also post it here: I grew up in Pittsburgh and now reside in Chicago, so I am intimately familiar with dibs. (I’ve only heard it called “dibs” in Chicago, though — in Pittsburgh, just mentioning lawn chairs […]

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Burghin’ It

My current work project, in a nice coincidence, brought me back to the homeland. Tonight we made it out to PNC Park, where the Pirates made me feel more at home by losing. (They even gave up an inside-the-park homerun. Nice.) Gotta give it up though for the best stadium in baseball:

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Reminds Me of Back Home

Tonight for dinner, I had kielbasa and sauerkraut. It was delicious, but sadly, I was out of pierogies. A few days ago, a friend asked, “What’s that called when you have an area that’s contaminated with hazardous waste and there’s some federal money to clean it up?” and I instantaneously chimed in with “Superfund“. You […]

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Merry Christmas

Here’s a little Pittsburgh-area holiday greeting: Happy Holidays to all.

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The ‘Burgh As Star of the Developed World

Things I don’t like about the G20 in Pittsburgh today: In Pittsburgh fashion, the citizens are mistaking dreadlocked-white-people protesters for a snowstorm and hunkering down with supplies of bread, milk and toilet paper. College-educated anarchists breaking things, garnering tons and tons of sympathy for their cause. And by tons and tons, I mean zero. Things […]

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Jimmy Carter, Moon Landing, Milwaukee, Le Peep, iPod

I’m back from Indianapolis. Let’s go: So Wednesday was the 30th anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech. I’ve heard about this speech before as a turning point in his presidency, so I went ahead and read the full text. To sum it up in a phrase, I don’t understand why this speech was so […]

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Braddock on Colbert

It’s a month old, but check out the roughneck mayor of Tha Docc on the Colbert Report: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c John Fetterman Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest … and on the NewsHour from a year ago. It’s awesome that a brilliant dude like this […]

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Who’s The Most Polluted Now?

NY Times gives Pittsburgh the hookup! Pittsburgh Thrives After Casting Steel Aside This one was good too back in the day: 36 Hours in Pittsburgh Not so much this: As Deaths Outpace Births, Cities Adjust

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Beaten Bucs

I hope this gets more news coverage than I expect it will, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are now tied for the longest streak of losing seasons in North American pro sports history. My past two job descriptions didn’t even exist during their last winning season. So congrats to you, Nutting family, for this fantastic record […]

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Pittsburgh: Air Pollution Without the Benefits?

I just saw this today: Pittsburgh beats Los Angeles as sootiest city A professor in the article points out that it’s Ohio’s fault, as power-plant emissions drift across the state line. How did this happen when we don’t even have the factories anymore? If Pittsburgh kids have to have asthma, at least we could get […]

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