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MBA in Hand and Back to Chicago

My two-year stint in Ann Arbor is now over, but we went out with a bang: Chicago: let’s do this.

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The Greatest (And First) Mustache I Have Ever Grown

Here’s the end result of my Rosstache efforts. I drew inspiration from my forebears in South Charleston, Ohio: Thanks to everyone who donated to the Penrickton Center — the event was a hit, even with masses of hideous facial hair like this beauty floating around.

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Mustache for Charity

I’m right in the midst of Rosstache, the mustache-growing charity contest here at Ross, and I need your help. With my beard now at four weeks, I’m trying to plan out a final mustache strategy for the competition on April 1. Here’s your canvas: And if you want to help me out in my efforts […]

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Gotta Admit, Obama Beats Kofi Annan

And I thought we had a prestigious, rub-your-face-in-it speaker at NU in 2002: President Obama to deliver U-M spring 2010 commencement address Yet before I think this is too cool, it’s only for the undergrad graduation, as the b-school graduation is April 30. Regardless, that is one serious publicity coup for UMich. Way to go, […]

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Ross Follies Time Crunch

With Follies 2010 coming up in a few weeks, I have mad video editing to do. In the meantime, here’s a quality Ross video from 2008:

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Final Semester at Ross

Big events in the next 3.5 months: Acting/directing debut at Follies 2010 Entertainment + Media Club leadership changeover and panel-discussion planning My last set of classes Disorientation Week And, of course, graduation Crazy times, amigos. Time to Go Blue for the final quarter of my MBA education.

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Go Rent “American Dream”

After a Ross Southern Club blowout last night at Diamondback Saloon, I’m taking it easy tonight, but that gives me a chance to tout a documentary everyone should see: American Dream, directed by Barbara Kopple. I’m not exactly on the ball here, as this movie was released in 1990, but the prof screened it today […]

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Megabus and the Real-Life Ethical Dilemma

Damn, I felt today like I was in the boat scene from The Dark Knight. Most of you dudes know I split my time these days between school in Ann Arbor and home in Chicago. The best way to get back and forth is Megabus, which I took yet again today. (For anyone interested, here’s […]

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School: The Time Vacuum

I have plenty to say, but I’m stuck doing accounting problem sets. So in the meantime, Twitter it is.

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The India-Trip Awards and Superlatives

Namaste, homes. The Peek India MAP trip’s almost at an end: bags are packed, souvenirs purchased, interviews completed and final curries consumed. MAP itself isn’t over, and in fact we’re about to crash headlong into the hella busy presentation-finalizing phase that doesn’t wrap up until April 28. But the India portion of the project is […]

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