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NFL Sunday Ticket on the Go: The Review

For many fall Sundays now, I’ve trotted out the door in my Steeler gear to drain $3 Coors Lights with assorted bar-based bits of Steeler Nation. I have many fond memories of this from my 20s, but at age Lame, I’d rather just watch the game on my couch like the NFL-loving entitled American that […]

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Pat’s 16 Best Android Apps

Not too long ago, I was admittedly indifferent to this mobile thing, even as a professional digital dude. This was because: I had BlackBerrys for work and found them useful but nothing revolutionary; I mistakenly chalked the iPhone hype up to characteristic Apple-fan hyperventilation; I stuck to my old clamshell phone because I’m really cheap. […]

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Ah, Crap.

Shoulda had it – tough end to a roller-coaster season, but there’s always next fall. In the meantime, back to full-time hockey fandom.

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Burghin’ It

My current work project, in a nice coincidence, brought me back to the homeland. Tonight we made it out to PNC Park, where the Pirates made me feel more at home by losing. (They even gave up an inside-the-park homerun. Nice.) Gotta give it up though for the best stadium in baseball:

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So Long, World Cup

It’s too bad Uruguay and Germany weren’t the finals matchup. That was certainly the more entertaining of the two weekend games. Things I will miss now that the Cup is over: The country going nuts after the Donovan goal; France collapsing in hilarious fashion after cheating Ireland; the fact that a tremendously meaningful game was […]

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Picking a Side for the World Cup Final: Time to Get Historical

With this Sunday’s World Cup final fast approaching, I realized I have to pick a favorite team among two countries about which I care not at all. I’ve never been to Spain or the Netherlands, I don’t have any acquaintances from Spain or the Netherlands, and I don’t even care that much for paella or […]

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Having a No. 2 Favorite Team: The Rules

UPDATE 6/11: Obviously this was the year to be a Blackhawks fan. I will say I was happy, but I wish it had been the Pens — last year was total euphoria. I’m on my way to the parade, though — gotta see that Cup when you get a chance. I got into a debate […]

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Titling Posts “Who Dat” Is Already a Cliche, But I Do Like the Win

Much as this season was a huge disappointment for us in Steeler Nation, I’m happy to see the Saints win this one. Though I got married in Indy, I figure I spent a greater number of hours in New Orleans when my bro was there for school, so I’ll claim them more than the Colts. […]

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Soccer and “The Simpsons”

I’m not a soccer hater, but seeing this yesterday brought back the best American satirical take on soccer: Love that Bariaga!

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So Long, Steelers 2009 Season

Well, that was officially horrible.

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