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Ha, You Said ‘Crap’

I applaud the New York Times for embracing its inner 13-year-old with this story: No Snickering — That Road Sign Means Something Else

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Politics Bullet Pointz

I’m not sure why it is that Nicolas Sarkozy seems to have been anointed as the front-runner by all the commentary I’ve read, but they were right about dude, as he won a pretty commanding victory, 53% to 47%. I think a lot of the positive coverage has to do with commentary peeps simply being […]

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Which Britain?

Hey readaz. I went through a series of feelings on Iran’s catch and release of the British sailors in the Persian Gulf in the past month. At first, I wondered how Iran, which has displayed no shortage of savvy in taking advantage of its shifting regional reality, could be so unaware as to play directly […]

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