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United Economy Plus, Seat Reclining, Cloud Storage, Spotify vs. Google Play Music

Steelers were robbed. You can’t say that without admitting that they were a terrible playoff team this season, but still: robbed. I flew back to Chicago a few weeks ago in what was nominally a United Economy Plus seat, but it was exactly the same dimensions as a regular seat. According to the flight attendant, […]

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Travel and Gamification, NFL 2013, Tacos

August 2013 was the second time in three months that I left a blank monthly archive. Two out of three ain’t bad, unless it’s a non-updated website. I’ve been traveling a lot this year for work. This isn’t always fun, but it has been a tremendous insight into the idea of gamification. I never knew […]

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Colorado, Fossil Store, Political Ads, NFL Picks Week 6

I’m in Colorado right now, and holy crap is this state beautiful. I even included a second Instagram photo just so you could get another glimpse of it: I mean, damn! I imagined myself living here: I’d have to take up skiing again, which is hella fun but has already cost me one knee surgery, […]

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Headed on Back to the Motherland

I’m about to get my travel on to the land of safaris, biltong, big-ass waterfalls and really loud plastic horns. Maybe I’ll find a project using my mobile-strategy skillz while I’m there, but then Africa’s well on its way in that department.

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Tomorrow, We Leave

While it’s not so dramatic in our modern, travel-friendly age, tomorrow marks my departure for India. On a personal level, it’s going to be strange to be leaving my classmates, my Ann Arbor experience, and most of all, my wife. Regardless, I’m still very excited for a once-in-a-lifetime rare opportunity to travel halfway around the […]

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So Long, D.C.

What I’ll Miss Least: The transient nature of the city–at least the whitey part of the city. (NW, plus Capitol Hill SE and NE where we live.) I can’t shake the feeling that most people are here just to soon go somewhere else, and thus it’s harder to feel settled here than it has been […]

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Thoughts on Business-School Admit Weekend

I spent last weekend in Ann Arbor, Mich., for “Go Blue Rendezvous”, the school’s official event for admitted students. Final verdict: fun. I’m sorry to all the Michigan haters out there, but the place is pretty damn cool. I say that first of all because people at Ross just seem down-to-earth. I met a ton […]

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Mobile Blogging

Yo from my blackberry in Ann Arbor. More on my trip coming later.

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I’m Shipping Up To Boston

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the title of this post is a very good DKM song. But I digress. I’m heading up for observation of the land where sports-fan self-pity survives even in the face of multiple championships. While it might be rare for an Irish-American to have gone this long without stopping […]

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Living Up To Stereotypes

I’m off to Indiana for Thanksgiving, and like a good stereotype, I look forward again this year to eating potatoes. I will not be consuming a six-pack of beer to make it the Irish seven-course meal, and for the record, the one about the two dudes, the genie and the sea of Guinness is a […]

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