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Election Results, Coffee, Palladia, NFL Picks Week 10

Appropo of nothing: I had Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for the first time this week, and it really is pretty good. I barely like coffee, but I like theirs better than hella bitter Starbucks anyday. In the way I was hoping, we relived the election of 2004 with a role reversal in incumbent-challenger parties, so now […]

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Romney and Earth, NFL Time, Media Takedowns, Foot Injury

I watched Romney’s speech at the GOP Convention, which I thought was way bland — was he shooting for the voters who buy Franklin Mint plates? — until he got to his laugh line about Obama caring about rising seas, which the crowd thought was hilarious. Nothing says humor like the drowned homes of billions. […]

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I Hate Political TV, But the Political Internet is Fine

Tonight I briefly tuned in to Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN and quickly changed it away — the Iowa caucus was the story of the day, and I started hating on the candidates onscreen within seconds. Like Mary J. Blige, I too do not need no hateration, so off to hockey I went. I’ve also […]

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Your Friday News-Related Humor

Courtesy of BBC Four, an awesome meta take on just about every news report you’ve ever seen:

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Soccer and “The Simpsons”

I’m not a soccer hater, but seeing this yesterday brought back the best American satirical take on soccer: Love that Bariaga!

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The Conchords And Hurt Feelings

Just like Raanan, I too was a bad FOTC fan for season 2. (Though it’s hard to be a good one when you’ve canceled HBO.) But props to Raanan for pointing me to this awesome video: I hate being told that I look like a llama.

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I Am More Famous-By-Association Than You

The other day I was thinking of famous people, so then I thought I might as well put together all the ones I’ve seen in person into a comprehensive but shameless post. So here you go. Trent Reznor: Saw him at the Pittsburgh airport. (He grew up about an hour north, in Meadville.) He got […]

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Whale Show I Will Sadly Miss

I hope all of you can watch this blue whale show for me, as I’ll be on the road: Kingdom of the Blue Whale | National Geographic I like the site, and particularly can’t get over the hypnotizing tail animation on the homepage. Whales: as always, mad cool.

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The Real-Life Lindsey Naegle

Few quotes have this kind of inherent self-parody: Daddy’s Girls, along with several of the other announced shows, will be “aspirational, enterprising, and empowering,” claims MTV: “These new series reflect Generation ‘Why Not?’ — living, working and playing on their own terms, ‘adventure capitalists’ if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill-seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises,” […]

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MTV: Suddenly Great Again

MTV has been essentially a total negative in cultural energy for the past ten years, but then they go ahead and launch this site and totally redeem themselves: MTV Music Beta When they say beta, I really hope this one sticks around, because the site counts more than 21,000 videos dating back to Jimi Hendrix […]

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