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MBA in Hand and Back to Chicago

My two-year stint in Ann Arbor is now over, but we went out with a bang: Chicago: let’s do this.

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The Greatest (And First) Mustache I Have Ever Grown

Here’s the end result of my Rosstache efforts. I drew inspiration from my forebears in South Charleston, Ohio: Thanks to everyone who donated to the Penrickton Center — the event was a hit, even with masses of hideous facial hair like this beauty floating around.

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Gotta Admit, Obama Beats Kofi Annan

And I thought we had a prestigious, rub-your-face-in-it speaker at NU in 2002: President Obama to deliver U-M spring 2010 commencement address Yet before I think this is too cool, it’s only for the undergrad graduation, as the b-school graduation is April 30. Regardless, that is one serious publicity coup for UMich. Way to go, […]

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Megabus and the Real-Life Ethical Dilemma

Damn, I felt today like I was in the boat scene from The Dark Knight. Most of you dudes know I split my time these days between school in Ann Arbor and home in Chicago. The best way to get back and forth is Megabus, which I took yet again today. (For anyone interested, here’s […]

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School: The Time Vacuum

I have plenty to say, but I’m stuck doing accounting problem sets. So in the meantime, Twitter it is.

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The India-Trip Awards and Superlatives

Namaste, homes. The Peek India MAP trip’s almost at an end: bags are packed, souvenirs purchased, interviews completed and final curries consumed. MAP itself isn’t over, and in fact we’re about to crash headlong into the hella busy presentation-finalizing phase that doesn’t wrap up until April 28. But the India portion of the project is […]

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Tomorrow, We Leave

While it’s not so dramatic in our modern, travel-friendly age, tomorrow marks my departure for India. On a personal level, it’s going to be strange to be leaving my classmates, my Ann Arbor experience, and most of all, my wife. Regardless, I’m still very excited for a once-in-a-lifetime rare opportunity to travel halfway around the […]

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Finals Week

During this wacky job-hunting Winter A quarter I forgot that I was going to have finals. Now one is Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. and there are two more the following day. Whoops.

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Namaste, Dudes

Hey readaz. Trying to find a job for summer = time-consuming and thus bad for blogging, but I got some mad cool news recently when I found out that I’m going to Bangalore, India, for five weeks as part of the Multidisciplinary Action Program (or MAP, for the acronymically challenged) at Ross. Sweet! So, some […]

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The First Interview Tomorrow

Hey fans. My bad about not writing at ya, but we’re in the midst of interviewing season here at Ross, which has proven to be the weirdest time of the year so far. I thought the end of Fall B was pretty packed, but this is something else altogether. People are definitely concerned about getting […]

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