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Comcast: Notice They Aren’t Touting Customer Service

There’s a been a rash of new Comcast ads in the past few days, featuring a bunch of people in three-quarter view singing a really strange and monotonic rhyme about Comcast and all the ninjas and explosions it offers. But that’s funny, because when I think “Comcast”, I don’t think “funky and hip” so much […]

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Making Me Miss DC

I do miss the cheese fries and cherry milkshakes. And G and I sat at that same table the last time we ate at Ben’s. It seems this is a month old, but it’s all good.

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Your Write, Liberel Papers Never Get They’re Facts Strait

Today I got a letter asking me to subscribe to the Washington Times newspaper, the Rev. Sun-Myung Moon-backed conservative oracle. I don’t know how I got on their mailing list, as I’m the type (both actual and demographic) who’s unlikely to respond positively to a printed quote from Rush Limbaugh that “The Washington Times is […]

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So Long, D.C.

What I’ll Miss Least: The transient nature of the city–at least the whitey part of the city. (NW, plus Capitol Hill SE and NE where we live.) I can’t shake the feeling that most people are here just to soon go somewhere else, and thus it’s harder to feel settled here than it has been […]

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Quick Hits

Yo. Romney winning Michigan is a little surprising, but then I say that as someone who picked him to win the state a few weeks back, only to later doubt my own pick. The reports said a lot of his votes came from the affluent Michigan suburbs, which would make sense because I really don’t […]

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Washington Metro

I thought I would share this review that I wrote for the WMATA. I was particularly inspired after calling four times today to fix a Smartcard problem and never being able to reach a human being: “You know, when I first moved here, I looked at the concrete archway stations and green/red lights that […]

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I Just Saw Dennis Kucinich

… while running on Capitol Hill. He looks a lot like Dennis Kucinich.

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