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Flipboard … Flipboard Squad is the Greatest

I’m writing this blog post from our iPad’s WordPress app. (Aside: this is an extremely rare example of a WordPress platform app that’s less user-friendly than I’d like. Normally the peeps at Automattic tear it up, such as on Android handset or the sweet redesigns to the dashboard and admin pages, but the iPad is […]

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Target’s Troubles

I’ve been reading up today on what I once thought was a pretty cool and bold redesign, but now is an evident disaster: the relaunch of after the company’s break from Amazon. Fun dog photos on the homepage aside, it seems the site is plagued by timeout errors, vanishing wedding/baby registries and unresponsive customer-service […]

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Pat’s 16 Best Android Apps

Not too long ago, I was admittedly indifferent to this mobile thing, even as a professional digital dude. This was because: I had BlackBerrys for work and found them useful but nothing revolutionary; I mistakenly chalked the iPhone hype up to characteristic Apple-fan hyperventilation; I stuck to my old clamshell phone because I’m really cheap. […]

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Time Again to Redesign

Hey readaz. So as happens most years, I’ve gotten a little tired of the current design of my site, and I’m planning to redo it sometime soon when I can find the time. (Basically February 2019 or so.) This time I’m looking for some input into it, so I’m asking for some links to quality […]

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The First Media Pay Wall, Obama as The Joker, Chicago Trib Redesign, and Where Vick Will Go

The trend has been building, so it had to tip at some point, for better or worse: News Corp. to Charge for All Websites, Business Spectator (Australia) In America, this could work to an extent, because News Corp.’s two big properties here are the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, both outlets with a dedicated […]

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Why Online Image-Borrowing Is Good Policy

Seeing as how I grab lots of images for my posts, like the photo by my old employer in this post, I figured it was fair to elaborate on my own beliefs on borrowing images across the web: everybody wins. My photo-editor friend Maria, also formerly of, said it best when she noted […]

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Google Chrome: The Quick Judgment

I downloaded and installed Google Chrome Beta today. So far it mostly looks good — I’m liking that Slate rendered perfectly, hell yeah, thank you — but there isn’t much special in terms of functionality. But then Google always gets things really rolling a little while after release, so I look forward to using it […]

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Redesign State of Mind

Nothing like starting afresh, so here is the new hotness. I have four color schemes to choose from in the rightnav — your choice will be cookied onto your PC and saved for ya — plus a more intuitive professional-pages navigation for people of the future trying to hire me. (Pray that there will be […]

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CSS Naked Day

Today is an unofficial day to celebrate front-end web developers, and hey, that’s me. So here’s a look today at my site without any CSS. Note how I still did the bomb job of keeping the content readable even without the styling. Word(press) up.

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