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Target’s Troubles

I’ve been reading up today on what I once thought was a pretty cool and bold redesign, but now is an evident disaster: the relaunch of after the company’s break from Amazon. Fun dog photos on the homepage aside, it seems the site is plagued by timeout errors, vanishing wedding/baby registries and unresponsive customer-service […]

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The Atlantic Gets SEO-Ganked by The Huffington Post: A Breakdown

Last week I was reading some online commentary about a piece by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, this one about Goldman Sachs. I first read Taibbi in Spanking the Donkey, and I usually like the dude’s cynical, New-Journalism-style writing, even when it’s a bit sensational. The Goldman Sachs thing — at least the parts I […]

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Obama vs. McCain on the Media

I no longer work there, but that won’t stop me from plugging this nicely summarizing Slate piece by Tim Wu detailing the two presidential candidates’ positions on media ownership and net neutrality. Suffice it to say that I fall squarely within the Obama camp on the question of net neutrality: the Internet can no longer […]

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The Top News Outlets for May 2008

Just saw this list of the most popular online news sources from Nielsen Online. Brand or Channel — May ’08 Unique Audience (000) — May ’07 Unique Audience (000) Yahoo! News — 35,846 — 30,451 MSNBC Digital Network — 35,184 — 28,347 CNN Digital Network — 33,101 — 29,094 AOL News — 22,524 — 17,444 […]

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