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Hilarious German Dude, NFL Week 7

Crazy week at work, so I gotta keep it quick. I laughed way too many times at this not to include it. You can skip to 0:18 for the best part. I almost LOLd at my office just looking that up again. Be forewarned: I suck at this this year. Last week: 2-12 (!); Season: […]

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Brent Johnson vs. Rick DiPietro – Penguins Ownage

Not only is this a rarely seen goalie fight, it’s the Penguins’ Brent Johnson destroying Rick DiPietro with one punch. What’s not to love?

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Wacky Chain-Restaurant Sandwiches at Home

It’s about time Americans started eating at home more and dining out less. This video from my old Slate V buds is a great start. (Is it weird that the footlong burger looks pretty awesome to me? “You can really taste the length.”)

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So Long, World Cup

It’s too bad Uruguay and Germany weren’t the finals matchup. That was certainly the more entertaining of the two weekend games. Things I will miss now that the Cup is over: The country going nuts after the Donovan goal; France collapsing in hilarious fashion after cheating Ireland; the fact that a tremendously meaningful game was […]

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Ok Go! and Another Complex Vid

The latest from the Chicago dudes behind the infamous treadmill video:

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Stephen Colbert on Our Chicago Congressional District

Stephen Colbert profiled the Illinois 5th Congressional District the other night, including an interview with our Congressional Representative here in the LP, Rep. Mike Quigley. The interview doesn’t seem to be online — if I find it, I’ll update this — but I did appreciate the props to the Wiener’s Circle. The Colbert Report Mon […]

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Ross Follies Time Crunch

With Follies 2010 coming up in a few weeks, I have mad video editing to do. In the meantime, here’s a quality Ross video from 2008:

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This is all over YouTube, and I would describe it as “off the chain”: G would be fine if we had tried that, but you better believe I’d be twisting my knee or something fun.

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Jimmy Carter, Moon Landing, Milwaukee, Le Peep, iPod

I’m back from Indianapolis. Let’s go: So Wednesday was the 30th anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech. I’ve heard about this speech before as a turning point in his presidency, so I went ahead and read the full text. To sum it up in a phrase, I don’t understand why this speech was so […]

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Braddock on Colbert

It’s a month old, but check out the roughneck mayor of Tha Docc on the Colbert Report: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c John Fetterman Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest … and on the NewsHour from a year ago. It’s awesome that a brilliant dude like this […]

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