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Best Whale Ever

You mess with the whale, you get 40 tons of that whale all up in your grille. For real, this is the most whaletastic boat-ownage since the wreck of the Essex. (Image from South African EPA via NPR.)

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Whale Show I Will Sadly Miss

I hope all of you can watch this blue whale show for me, as I’ll be on the road: Kingdom of the Blue Whale | National Geographic I like the site, and particularly can’t get over the hypnotizing tail animation on the homepage. Whales: as always, mad cool.

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Two stories: 1. A whale swam so far up the Amazon River that he gets to take a boat back to the ocean. 2. Another whale got trapped in fishing lines, but freed itself and bailed. I got caught in that stuff scuba diving one time and it took me a long time to get […]

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Tuna – Too Good

The Washington Post ran this thought-provoking article about the dearth of bluefin tuna in the sea. I’m not cool with that, because tuna is awesome. As much as I love tuna sushi, I’ll think twice about ordering it now. I like my oceans healthy and full of awesome fish, so the whales have somebody to […]

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