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The Playoff Berth That Could Still Happen

While slight, there’s still a shot for the playoffs. It’s pretty pathetic that the Super Bowl champs are one of those “Denver has to lose, then New York has to lose, and maybe Houston or Baltimore … and THEN we might get in” teams, yet that’s where we are. A dude can hope. I’m obviously […]

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Braddock on Colbert

It’s a month old, but check out the roughneck mayor of Tha Docc on the Colbert Report: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c John Fetterman Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest … and on the NewsHour from a year ago. It’s awesome that a brilliant dude like this […]

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That was the most relieving end to a football game in a long time. And they even name-checked Woodland Hills. (Though from what I’ve read lately, it’s probably not a place to be proud of anymore. Be sure to read the part where a student tries to excuse his punching a cop because he thought […]

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Class Divide Online?

Drop Internet knowledge, you say. Alright. I just read this interesting article (thanks, Jeremiah) from the BBC about how the Facebook – MySpace divide among teenagers also mirrors American class divisions. There’s certainly something to this. Not to prove a point from my earlier Jason Taylor post, but when I search high-school classmates on Facebook, […]

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Sports Illustrated: Run by Snobs From Mt. Lebanon

Hey, Internets. Don’t hate. This week, Sports Illustrated had a big piece about Miami Dolphin and Pittsburgh native Jason Taylor. Not only did the article improve my opinion of Taylor a great deal (check out the part where a pro athlete puts sports into perspective with politics), but Woodland Hills H.S., the alma mater of […]

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