NFL Picks: Week 8

Last week: 6-8, making me 47-53-5 on the season. That’s 47% correct against the spread for the season. I don’t think I’ll be taking over the gambling prognostication world anytime soon.

A little late getting these up today, but I did get the Yahoo! picks in on time. There are only 13 games this week, so getting up over 50% is going to be some tricky shiz.

San Francisco -1 Denver (In London! “‘Ello, guvnah, fish and chips, let’s overrate our World Cup team!” (Isn’t that what British people say?))
At Dallas -6.5 Jacksonville
At Detroit -2.5 Washington
At NY Jets -6 Green Bay
At St. Louis -3 Carolina
Miami -1 At Cincinnati
At Kansas City -7.5 Buffalo
At San Diego -3.5 Tennessee
At Arizona -3 Tampa Bay
At Oakland -2.5 Seattle
At New England -6 Minnesota
At New Orleans -1 Pittsburgh
At Indianapolis -5.5 Houston

And in Sam’s 11 Points game — after Brett Favre drunk texted his way into oblivion last week, I’m 5-2 in Sam’s chosen games — I like the Dolphins. That’s unless the refs give the AFC North team a free one again. (Thanks for that last week, btw.)

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