Phone Wait, Heat, Beer Geeks in Summer

  • First World Problem: I am past ready for my new phone to arrive. Verizon decided to sell the Galaxy S III a week later than the other carriers – probably to get all their bloatware loaded properly – so I’m still waiting until Monday for this thing to ship. This must be what that 14-year-old kid on “My Sweet Sixteen” went through when her mom mistimed her gift of a brand new Lexus.

  • On to an actual serious issue: it’s hot as hell right now. I work in an air-conditioned office, but from past experience working outdoor labor in the heat, I think I’d rather do that again than have to do my current computer-based job outdoors. Sweating is way more annoying when you don’t feel like you’ve earned it. So to all bosses: Don’t give in to the totally rational temptation to make your sedentary employees drag their PCs out in the sun.
  • As much as I’m a man who appreciates the finer things in suds, when it’s brutally hot like this, that all goes out the window in favor of the coldest Bud/Miller/Coors light beer on hand. They sell it cold to hide the lack of taste, but at this time of year, I appreciate the tradeoff.

    (Exception made for Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, though that’s more tasty than high-quality.)

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